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    evan hansen, age 11 months
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    Any play so lacking in creativity and artistic merit would ordinarily fail to elicit the visceral anger and disgust I have for Dear Evan Hansen, but these artistic failures (its failure as good Theatre) are bolstered by its ethical deficiencies (its concomitant failure to be Good theatre). Dear Evan Hansen is not the powerful, moving, socially conscious work critics have made it out to be. Dear Evan Hansen is a toxic piece of theatre, a morally bankrupt exploitation of the experience of mental illness. Dear Evan Hansen relies on not only formulaic, but legitimately dangerous ideas about people with such experiences, and perpetuates them with enthusiasm and self-righteousness.

    Dear Evan Hansen is evil.
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    BOBBY: Holy sh -

    JAMIE: Wow.

    BOBBY: This is -

    JAMIE: Where do we start?

    BOBBY: Our families, first, for your love and unbelievable support -

    JAMIE: Mom, we did it!

    BOBBY: [laughs] What?

    JAMIE: What?

    BOBBY: [LEGIT STEPS BETWEEN JAMIE AND THE MIC GOD BLESS] You're not allowed to talk. Stacey Mindich, for making this happen every step of the way, you're a genius and we love you.

    JAMIE: [pokes his head in] Steven Levinson -

    BOBBY: I said -

    JAMIE: Our book writer, this show would not be what it is without you, we would not be where we are without you.

    BOBBY: Michael Greif, a dream come true, your work made us fall in love with musical theatre in the first place.

    JAMIE: Alex Lacamoire, you and the band have brought our songs to life and elevated them to a place we couldn't have imagined when we started this, we thank you so much!

    BOBBY: To the entire cast, for sharing with us your talent and honesty, watching you is a revelation every time.

    JAMIE: Marc Platt, thank you for giving us a tree trunk and teaching us to arise.

    BOBBY: Thank you.

    JAMIE: When we started writing together, we dreamed about where it might take us, but more than that we dreamed about having the chance to touch people's lives and hearts, and having the opportunity to do that with this show is more than we ever could have hoped for. Every step of this journey has been an honor and a privilege, and we're so grateful to everyone who helped us make it happen along the way. Thank you!
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    congrats to great big world on their tony win
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    lol so how wasted is bobby on that red carpet he was practically humping eva noblezada while she was just trying to get through her damn interview
    in his defense though

    wouldn't you
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    as someone who grew up in bobby grunin's hometown i can safely assure you he was NEVER that kid and he needs to stop talking about this close and personal tale of struggling to be accepted EVERYONE FEELS ANXIOUS AND OUT OF PLACE EXCEPT YOU ROBERT GRUNIN
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    Congratulations to our @gruninandrulin on receiving #uofmichigan's Bicentennial Alumni Awards for their exemplary work in shaping & serving society. http://ift.tt/2p2s33b